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You are truly a gifted motivator when you can persuade hundreds of people to change their eating habits. That’s what Samara Felesky-Hunt has been doing as a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist at THE Downtown Sports Clinics since 1999.
She is regarded as a nutrition expert among healthcare professionals, corporate Calgary and the media. Samara is committed to promoting healthy eating habits to achieve optimal health and wellness.
She is a passionate educator with extensive and leading edge knowledge and can speak to any nutritional concern or situation. The clients at the Clinics are happy beneficiaries of her many skills. Samara is supportive, encouraging and sets realistic goals which allows our clients to be successful with weight management, tissue healing, inflammation control and improved sports performance.
We are proud to nominate Samara as Canada’s Top Motivator as she is a Champion for eating well to live better. - Canada's Top Motivators Nomination - Impact Magazine - 2015
Samara is reliable , informed and easy to listen to about her area of nutrition and life style. She has been supporting and motivating our prostate cancer patients to live a healthy life for years. - Canada's Top Motivators Nomination - Impact Magazine - 2015
The information in the seminar is definitely applicable to the lifestyles that the majority of our clients lead - A Premiere Personal Training Club
Thank you for a highly motivating presentation. I’ve had great positive feedback and I’d like to have you back to speak to the Weight Training for Women group in the near future. - A Personal Trainer, downtown core
I wanted to personally thank you for the positive changes you have made to my daily eating. Through your guidance I have obtained my goal of accommodating a busy lifestyle and boosting energy and stress resilience. I know now that balanced eating does work! - Female 45+ client
I was extremely grateful to you especially since you are such a drawing card. When I mentioned your name as one of the speakers I know everyone involved in our endeavor would be keen to hear you. As a result we had a great turnout. As usual you delivered a wonderful, passionate address on food which was very helpful to all those participation in the marathon from an energy, feel good way. It is really so important to approach these physical feats from a proper knowledge base. - A Running Group, Calgary
Thanks so much for the diet and the nutrition tips. I found it all quite interesting especially the information relating to my thyroid condition - Female 50+ client

How did you benefit from the counselling you received from Samara?

Samara saw me through a 30 lb. weight reduction. She is a wonderful source of support!
Thanks to Samara, it is has been remarkable…more than remarkable, it is nice to know who the real me is.
I saw Samara for my first session about a year ago and she helped me develop a new notion on healthy eating. Since my first visit to Samara's office, my metabolism continues to rise. She helped me to attack problems and help me set goals. She has been very important influence in my new approach to eating.
I feel better, my metabolism has gone up and Samara has helped me to manage the pain related to my condition.
My [latest] cholesterol test revealed my cholesterol is back to normal, thanks to Samara.
Samara has balanced out my entire lifestyle. She is a great resource and has shown me how I can easily incorporate healthy eating into a busy schedule.
Samara has provided me with a better understanding of eating habits. I have also learned the impact of different combinations of foods have on your body and how they affect your weight. I feel like I have more control over my eating habits.

Would you recommend Samara's services to anyone you know?

Yes. I have has so much success with my program that I would not hesitate to refer Samara to my friends and family if they want to experience the same great results that I have had.
I was very pleased with Samara – she answered questions that I had and offered her advice when asked for. I would definitely go back to Samara or call if I needed to.
Yes. I don't believe in fad diets and the only way for people to keep weight off is to learn how to eat properly and in what amounts.
Of course! Samara is very knowledgeable. Working with her on this program is the only way that I have ever lost weight.
Samara has always done a great job. I always feel like my needs are being met.
Samara knows her stuff. She knows my business and she works to help me achieve my objectives.
I have recommended people to Samara and they have experienced the same results that I have. Samara caters to your specific needs and customizes eating suggestions as something that works for you. She always has your health concerns and goals in mind.

How do you apply the information that Samara provided to you into your everyday living?

Samara - You a very easy going way in helping people adjust their attitude to obtain positive results in their lifestyle choices. The influence you have made on my life will never be forgotten and will always be appreciated. You truly do excel in your profession and I am very pleased that you agreed to work with me
I play for a basketball team and she has shown me which vitamins and foods I can buy that help me to stay alert and focus on the game.
Along with exercise, my new eating style has become part of my daily routine.
Samara has helped me to set goals that are attainable. She follows and works through each individual goal. Everything is realistic and I feel supported when I consult Samara.
Samara makes eating healthy an easy thing to do. She modifies your eating habits only slightly and you see changes immediately.
I wanted to personally thank you for the positive changes you have made to my daily easting. Through your guidance I have obtained my goal of accommodating a busy lifestyle, boosting energy and stress resistance. Thanks to you I know now balanced easting does work!

How has dealing with your condition become easier since your instruction with Samara?

I feel so much better and that affects my entire family. My energy is higher and I feel balanced. What Samara says makes sense - and she doesn't make radical changes to your current eating habits. Samara is gifted to be able to apply her knowledge in any situation and build on your food choices by making slight changes to your diet.
With Samara's knowledge I was allowed to work at and achieve my goals. The biggest difference between Samara and all the others is that my diet is long-term, not temporary, and has become part of my new lifestyle.
Samara showed me how to recognize triggers that cause me to have problems. She makes eating easy because she draws on personal experience.
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